Chuck & Lency Spezzano

Chuck Spezzano, Ph. D., and Lency Spezzano, M.S., are the founders of the Psychology of Vision, a transpersonal model of healing that employs cutting edge psychological tools and methodology and wields the miracle power of grace. The Psychology of Vision centers around three core elements: relationships, leadership (answering the calls for help) and nondenominational spiritual development.

Psychology of Vision

Psychology of Vision, founded by Chuck and Lency Spezzano, is a healing model that teaches emotional intelligence, personal leadership, relationships and Spirituality.

Psychology of Vision is a path of the heart that has helped tens of thousands of people around the world through seminars, one-to-one coaching and products and publications. It has helped people improve their lives, their relationships and their health by giving them an understanding of themselves and others, and giving them insights into the events in their lives.

Psychology of Vision is a healing approach, a map that helps us find our way in a return to love, creativity, purpose and happiness.


Chuck and Lency have spent the last 45 years helping people heal their lives and transform relationships. They write books and articles, teach seminars around the world at their home in Hawaii, and continue to be leaders in new and innovative healing work.

Chuck's Nightlight Newsletter

Each month Chuck writes a heart-warming, insightful and informative monthly message from Chuck to guide you through the issues ahead.

Chuck's Card
of the Day

Every day, Chuck pulls a card to give a message of themes for the day, advice and direction. 


The Psychology of Vision community supports a number of charities or funds. Either by collecting money by arranging special events or by collecting money during a seminar.

In all cases it is not simply about giving a financial hand out, the guiding principles of the Psychology of Vision are also applied.

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Each month, Chuck writes a newsletter to give advice or affirmations.